Under Your Boot-Soles

Welcome to the Machine

I’ve been wanting to start writing and I’ve always thought writing a blog would be a fun way to do that. The freedom to write about anything is attractive to me as it seems like there’s always some kind of thought rambling around in my skull. Plus, it’s what all the cool kids do nowadays right?

I sometimes worry that ideas I have aren’t able to reach full maturity when they live only in the hermetically sealed instance of my brain. The thoughts and concepts that I have shared always seemed to turn out to be the best ones. As a die-hard introvert, this is usually hard for me. It’s not because I’m particularly afraid of rejection or failure, truthfully, I couldn’t care much less about those things (hipster, I know). I believe I drift away from sharing ideas because much of the time I have trouble deploying my morsel of thought into the other person’s brain and make it execute in the same way it does in my brain. People (myself included) come with all kinds of preloaded dependencies: biases, preferences, history, etc. Sometimes this baggage gets in the way of me sharing an idea of someone and getting a meaningful response. Unfortunately much of this is hard-coded, that is, it’s fixed. I can’t change the way someone feels about, say, Emacs or vim anymore than I can make the sun rise in the west.

So long story short: I usually just give up and let the idea sit in my head and usually the entire process suffers for it. This blog will hopefully be a way for me to work on that. If nothing else, the mere act of writing something out into words will foster richer and deeper ideas on my part.