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That may seem like a video about making your shop bigger. He talks of putting in some concrete floors and getting the best results for a given amount of money–and it is. But, as Essential Craftsman often does, he provides some wise words about life and hard work. Creating can do great things for your mind. I enjoy the videos that Mr. Wadsworth makes because they’re informative. You can hear years of experience and a deep reverence for his strengths and weaknesses in his words.

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I’ve been wanting to start writing and I’ve always thought writing a blog would be a fun way to do that. The freedom to write about anything is attractive to me as it seems like there’s always some kind of thought rambling around in my skull. Plus, it’s what all the cool kids do nowadays right? I sometimes worry that ideas I have aren’t able to reach full maturity when they live only in the hermetically sealed instance of my brain.
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